February 28, 2011

Roadside Burgers!

Okay so burgers aren't actually a Filipino original. This was once again, an American introduction. A patty of ground meat (pork, beef, turkey and even chicken), sandwiched in a sliced bread roll also known as bun and  added with mayo and ketchup as dressing.

I went to Palo (town next to Tacloban City) with a friend to run an errand for our teacher. We had to find some artist or whatever you call that to make our IECEP banner. The receptionist, also the artist's wife told us that he went to Tacloban City so we had to wait at least an hour or so. My friend brought me to this burger joint in Palo beside the road, fronting the Palo Municipal Building. 

The place was actually a small diner  named Burger Junction, it resembles a cart with seats on both sides. (Check out this link for  the actual appearance of the diner, http://ph.openrice.com/UserPhoto/photo/0/5T/0015F1D81A273D7A057A63n.jpg

So it was her treat and ordered two cheese burgers, unfortunately they had no cheese that time so we had an add-on instead. Two fried eggs (sunny-side up) for each of us, I mean for our burgers. It took only five minutes for them to cook as they had ready-to-cook ingredients. What makes this meal, a PINOY experience is the creativity of Filipinos putting whatever food they like in their sandwiches - which in this case are eggs. 

You can find burger joints like these on most cities and even towns, and the best thing about this is you only wait a few minutes and your meal is ready to go. 

(I was bored tonight, so I blogged about how enjoyed this a week ago.) 

For more informations about burgers, check this out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hamburger)

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