Why Food and The Philippines?

It might be a sheer off-base topic because I took up Engineering instead of anything related to Food and Tourism. There was an obvious College Course that was really fit to what I'm doing here in blogger.com, but I never thought of it when I finished high school. It was just until lately I realized my passion for food. I thought writing for it would be my get-away from all the pressures and hardship in school, but it did more than that, I realized what I really love (well, next to God) and how I can grow as a person and an enthusiast. 

Why Food?
Well, EVERYBODY NEEDS FOOD. If there's no food, obviously we'll all die. Like a car needs fuel to function. Even when sleeping or doing nothing, our body still consumes energy that we get from food. Food is more than just a necessity, it is a way of life, it defines a part of who are - may be our whole image for instance, and sharing food is one of the best ways to foster friendships and relationships. 

Why The Philippines?
I live here. It is where I was born. It is where I want to die, and do all the possible adventures here between my birth and my death. The Philippines, small as it may seem consists of 7,107 islands that offer a unique experience each island you set foot on. 

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