May 28, 2011

Any Suggestions? Comments? Or you just wanna talk to me?

As a local food writer and enthusiast, I am bound to new discoveries and experiments. Now, in order for this blog to grow and to become useful, it would be the best if you can suggest any food or place for us to try out. I am a fan of visiting restaurants and enjoying their food. My forte though are cheap and affordable restaurants, because that's what I can afford only. I'm an avid viewer of Discovery TLC (Travel & Living Channel), and gets inspiration from Anthony Bourdain, Andrew Zimmern, Jamie Oliver, Adam Richman and the like. In Tacloban though, there aren't much restaurants that's new to try out. We barely have a fine dining restaurant or a restaurant with food challenges, like those in Man Vs. Food. 

The main objective of this site is to promote Filipino food and culture into the international scene. It all starts in local restaurants and cuisine down to the most famous food and restaurants.

Do you want to try out new food with me? Or visit a heritage site or local restaurant in Leyte or Samar? I would love it if you do that with me. It would be a date or a guys' day/night out for us. For any concern related to this blog and the author, simply place your comments below. Thank you and may the Glory and Grace of God shower the whole world. 

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strawberry Princess said...

its always nice to try food of pampanga... sisig their way..

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