May 25, 2011

The Home of Tomorrow! (Elective Quiz)

Talking about home designs that's fit for the challenges of going green and being cozy at the same time, people look forward to coming home without the worries of harming the environment but achieving a grandiose feel. Homes that produce, not consume. Homes of the future are those that doesn't consume energy and water, but produces it - well at least getting help from Gaia of course. Here in the Philippines though, there are a lot of differences from the supposed-to-be designs applied in the countries across the prime meridian. Unlike westerners, there are a lot of factors regarded when building you're own home. Factors like weather, location, and even human intervention. We need homes that will make us feel the best, but not hurt mother nature. We need homes that are safe for us, our children, our pets, and all things inside it. A house provides safeguard from almost everything that could hurt you. 

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Lingering inside my head are fantasies of having a million dollar home that is environment-friendly, elegant, and is way BETTER than that of Mr. William Henry Gates. I may not be included on the Forbes' list for the richest men, but dreams can be real if you just get your hopes on it. My dream home is simple yet semi-unrealistic, calling it the Duerian Home.
How this happens, Variables mentioned by our honorable instructor Engr. Erwin H. Salinas.
1. Solar-Powered Electricity - placed on the roof are large panels absorbing Apollo's blessings to power up appliances, lightings, and the ventilation.
2. Rain Water Catchment for All-Around Usage - alongside the SPE, rain water can be harvested and relayed through the pipes down the faucets, the shower and the flush.
3. Water Filtration and Recycling System - getting inspiration from Singapore's water filtration system, water is filtered from the Rain Water and even the water used for bathing to be clean enough for drinking.
4. Centralized CCTV and Anti-Theft Alarm System - attached are cameras and sensors to detect intruders and thieves and to alarm those inside to ward off the intruder.
5. Sprinkler System - this is very common to modern homes and is a staple. As smoke or heat sensors detect unlikely temperature rise, water is sprinkled on where the fire is.
6. Automatic Ventilation - exhaust fans that turn on when smoke is detected (cooking, smoking etc.) and the air conditioner raises coolness when heat is detected.
7. Sound-Recognized Lighting - saying the phrases like "let there be light", "hallelujah", or any word programmed in the MCU, and/or clapping of the hands, lights turn on accordingly.
8. Home-Status Monitor and Display - fixed on the walls are monitors or small LCDs that display temperature, humidity and even telling that it's time for dinner as your chef gets the food on the table, when you're still at your room.
9. Heavyweight Hydraulics - getting the idea from modern Japanese homes, the house is elevated when earthquakes happen to save the home from destruction.
10. Home Shielding - inspired from Batman's Batmobile, the house is shielded by strong metal to protect from military/guerrilla attack and even tsunamis. 
11. Central Control - all's well that ends well, all of the variables are controlled by a central computer, of course operated by yours truly.

This house may not be as realistic as it gets, but it's not just a house it's a home. Where love is present. Hallelujah!

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Jyoti Mishra said...

I'd love to live in such a house !!

strawberry Princess said...

wish I can own one like that...

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