March 27, 2011


Iskrambol, borrowed and re-spelled in Filipino from the English word which obviously is Scramble that means mix or stir carelessly. Basically, Iskrambol is a sweet and cold Filipino dessert that consists shaved ice, powdered milk and chocolate syrup as topping, sugar, evaporated milk, banana flavoring, and food color - which usually is pink. 

Now, the way to make one is as follows.:
1. Shave ice using an ice shaver or the traditional ice shaver widely used in the Philippines, which you can find on some groceries or stores. Here's to photo for that Ice Shaver anyway,

2. Combine the evaporated milk, the artificial banana flavor, food coloring on this case it's green, sugar and in my recipe I added some McCormick Allspice to kick the flavor up a notch. 

3. Now add the sweet solution to the shaved ice, and then Scramble it. Top it up with powdered milk and chocolate syrup. You can also add whatever topping you like, it will vary on how you want your iskrambol to be. On mine, I topped it with marshmallows.

Especially on these times when Summer takes over, treats like Iskrambol would surely make our day. It will counter the heat and cool us down. Iskrambol is definitely Pinoy! Because it's Summer time, though it's rainy, most probably I'll write about cold Filipino desserts, etc.

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Cyril said...

Wow. Yummy.

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