April 28, 2011

Inihaw na Baboy at Manok! (Grilled Pork and Chicken)

Another food on our menu last Easter Sunday, this one or these pair had to be my favorite. Every body loves barbecue. This one however, had the simplest yet most tasteful recipe of all - for me, and may be for you too. My uncle is the one that cooks for us ever since I was a kid, because my parents were too busy at work. We brought the marinated chicken and pork at the beach and grilled it there.

Tonight, we'll make my favorite grilled food. First up, the marinade.

For the marinade, just mix these ingredients in a bowl where you'd also submerge the chicken and pork afterwards.

1. Soy Sauce or simply Salt
2. Pepper
3. Kalamansi/Lime Juice
4. Minced Garlic
5. Chopped Onions

Grilled chicken ingredients,
1. Chicken Thighs

Grilled pork ingredients,
1. Pork belly

Dressing or dip,
1. Sliced Onions
2. Lime Juice
3. Vinegar

1. Marinate the pork and chicken overnight or at least how much time you have, minimum is half an hour.
2. Prepare the grill of course, then toss the marinade away.
3. Cook the pork and chicken on the grill until it is lightly charred and rightfully tender.
4. Enjoy!

The chicken was served on barbecue sticks, and we preferred a dip of banana ketchup and vinegar for it. While the pork was plated like a salad with the lime juice, vinegar, and onions like that on the photo. The flavor is very rich even of the recipe's simplicity, we made sure that you taste great grilled pork and not the marinade. Like a salad, I also added cubed pineapple to add sweetness and give it a twist.

We also grilled Milkfish, Tilapia and Hot dogs for the kids. Grilling fish is very simple, just adding salt over it then laying it straight into the grill.

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