May 14, 2011


Danggit is a Filipino term for Rabbitfish, a fish abundant in the country as it can thrive through most types of water, even through polluted water. It is also called the poor man's fish. But nowadays, Danngit is not just for the poor but for all people, regardless on what stage they stand on the societal triangle. The most popular way of preparing danggit is drying it. It is first filleted out of the bones, then sun dried, salted or not, and fried until crispy. 

Only from the freshest catch, Danggit should be prepared fresh. I really don't know how to make one though. The preparation process may be complex nor easy. I found a Market Manila Blog that will surely help you if you wanna make one. If you don't want to, you can also order online from Buwaad

It is best dipped in a mixture of vinegar, onions, and garlic. This can be an appetizer, to what most think it is, or a viand with rice. I don't know if it can be more of a chicharron, which can be eaten as a snack but surely no one's a judge if you wanna eat something at your convenience.

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