May 2, 2011

Day Old Chick and Tokneneng!


After we had Fried Siopao to start Day 2 of our Food Trip at Kenz, we headed to Robinsons' Place to find other unique food and have refreshments. I've been passing by to this kiosk named Itlog On Sticks for months now. I'm intrigued of one of their product named Day Old Chick. Now basically, they are one day old chicks that are batter-fried. You can eat it whole because the bones are very brittle and just adds up to a crispy texture. I had this fear about Balut as mentioned in one of my posts, and eating the chick with the bones breaking. But my friend Jess told me, it shouldn't be like Balut because it would already taste like fried chicken. Now when we talk about fried chicken, that's my forte. So we ordered the option Platter 1 costing Php 58.00, which has three pieces of day old chicks, and eight pieces of batter-fried quail eggs, known locally as Tokneneng. 
Now, why do such cruel things to innocent little chicks? Day Old Chicks are actually rejects from poultry farms that focus on egg production. Since only females can reproduce, males are then rejected and are killed even at birth. They may look very cute and adorable, but it is said that male chicks in the western part of  the world are killed at a number of 250 million every pain-staking year. 
The apdo or the gall-bladder tastes bitter that is why it is removed before cooking. Now, I get a taste of what I think I fear. I did it head first. I don't know why, but I just did. To my surprise, it is very crispy and delicious. For me, the head is the most delicious part. Then I munched on the tiny legs. The body though has this tough texture, I don't know maybe it was just a bit undercooked. But over-all, day old chicks aren't as horrible as balut. They are just plain fried chicken, only smaller. Tokneneng on the other hand, is very easy to shove into your mouth because they're just quail eggs dipped in an orange batter then fried. After we had DOC and Tokneneng, we brought pearl shakes at Zagu which I chose strawberry. After Robinsons, we went down town because we were to buy slippers. 

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