May 4, 2011

Vegetable Lumpia! (Lumpiang Gulay)

Vegetable Lumpia at Php 3.00 each.
We went to Brgy. Marasbaras' again yesterday to have a snack. See map, for directions here. The vendor who was selling Bopis, also sold Fried Vegetable Lumpias. Lumpia, a Chinese introduction in the Philippines also known as spring rolls. Basically, it is ground meat, vegetables, or both  wrapped in a paper-like crepe or pancake which is made of wheat flour. In the country, it is best dipped in vinegar with crushed garlic.

Our family also make this even when there's no occasion, we'll have this as snack or as viand. Here's how to make one anyway.

1. Lumpia or Spring Roll Wrapper
2. Bean Sprouts
3. Carrots, julienned.
4. Cabbage, shredded.
5. Onions, sliced.
6. Garlic, sliced.
7. Chayote, julinned.
8. Cooking oil
9. Salt and Pepper to season
10. Eggs, for egg wash.

1. Sauteé all vegetable ingredients season with salt and pepper, then set aside to cool for about 5-10 minutes.
2. Then take portions of the vegetables, then roll it inside the Lumpia wrapper. Folding the sides, then putting egg wash on the horizontal tip to seal it. Since actions speaks louder than words, or in this case, videos overpower texts, I found a video courtesy of here.
3. After wrapping, ready a pan with oil and when it's hot already, fry it right in until the wrapper is brown and crispy.
4. To remove excess oil, after frying pat lumpia with tissue paper to absorb the oil.
5. Enjoy with vinegar and garlic dip!

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