April 20, 2011

Pastillas de Ube!

My mom went onto a tour around Region VIII. Well not really a tour, because she went to each DPWH office around the region and get some Financial reports personally. While on the way, they made time sight seeing and buying pasalubong. They arrived last night bringing a box of Charito's delights. Which has its main shop in Catabalogan, Western Samar. So my next series of posts are delicacies from Charito's. First up is the Pastillas de Ube. 

Just like the original pastillas de leche that consists of fresh carabao milk, sugar, oil and powdered milk, this one is just added with Ube - which is a purple yam abundant in the Philippines. 

In the packaging, the ingredients used for this were:

1. Ube - from which I think was powdered ube.
2. Sugar - I prefer brown sugar, though it will change the color.
3. Milk - from the original pastillas de leche, is carabao milk and powdered milk.
4. Butter - instead of oil.
5. White Sugar.

The Procedure though is my compromise, because I don't think the shop will share their recipe.

1. Cook all four ingredients over medium heat by stirring for about ten minutes or until the mixture is thick.
2. Retrieve the mixture from the pan and put it on a bowl and let cool for about half an hour.
3. When it has cooled already, use a teaspoon to get some and form it into your desired shape. Then roll it over white sugar.
4. Enjoy!

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