April 20, 2011

Delicias de Pili!

I think this one is an original of Charito's. Delicias de Pili is a soft and munchy pastry that is filled with ground Pili nuts and topped with a glazed fruit which I think is raisin.  A pili nut is actually an ornamental tree native to most of South East Asia. But only here in the Philippines, where it is produced and processed for commercial use. 

The ingredients indicated in the packaging are:
1. Pili Nuts
2. Eggs
3. Glazed Fruit
4. Sugar
5. Milk

I don't know how to make one of these though, so better contact Charito's if you have concerns over this. But I don't think they would share the recipe. 

More information about Delicias de Pili.

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