April 20, 2011

Polvoron de Pili!

First, we will define what is a Polvoron. Polvoron or pulboron spelled locally is a delicacy brought by the Spanish during their colonial times. It is a crumbly and buttery type of shortbread (cookie) consisting basically of flour, sugar, melted butter, and powdered milk. 

Charito's polvoron however, made its name using Pili nuts. Pounded pili nuts are added to the basic polvoron mixture which makes its distinct nutty and delightful flavor. 

Polvoron has been part of some obstacle challenges and game shows, where you have to eat polvoron and say a phrase after it - because it's hard to say something if your mouth is full of powdery food.

Stated in the package again, the ingredients are
1. Pili nuts (Pounded)
2. Flour
3. Powdered or Skimmed Milk
4. Butter (Melted)
5. Sugar

The procedure though is another compromise using the original polvoron recipe then adding Pili nuts.
1. Toast the flour until it is golden brown, turn off heat.
2. Combine milk and sugar into the flour.
3. Then add the melted butter and pounded nuts, then mix all ingredients until the consistency is only slightly wet.
4. Mold the mixture into your desired shapes, then let it cool for about half an hour.

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