April 21, 2011

Hopia de Pili!

Basically, a Hopia is a bean filled pastry that is baked. It consists of two types of dough and a bean paste, usually of mung bean or purple yam. Hopia de Pili however, takes a different approach and is not really a hopia but more of an Empanada. Maybe it was called hopia because of the impression that hopia is something filled with bean paste. It is said that Hopia de Pili is a traditional recipe of Calbiga, Samar.

The ingredients are as follows
1. Pili Nuts
2. Eggs
3. Flour
4. Butter
5. Milk
6. Sugar
7. Baking Powder

Here we go again, I am disappointing you for the *nth time because I have no idea on how to make one of these. Now if I was to improvise, I would make a dough for the crust consisting of the flour, baking powder, eggs, butter, and milk. Then for the filling, I say grind the pili nuts then sweeten it with sugar syrup thus making a pili nut paste. Then just like making empanada, take portions of the dough and fill it with the pili nut paste and fry until golden brown. Just try it, maybe it's right - well MAYBE

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ashram_94 said...

What is the name of the brand of this hopia de pili? Thank you!

Mikko said...

Charito's Delights. It is from the island of Samar, Philippines.

jssica wabbit said...

I just got back in Manila from Tacloban and brought with me some of these. I sincerely regret not bringing home more than I did! Sobrang sarap and it saddens me to think that I wont be able to get some of these not until I go back to Samar.

Ria Verdolaga said...

Hi! I used one of your photos from this post for a blog entry, I hope you don't mind. I credited your site and provided a link to this particular page. Please let me know if you want me to take it down. Thanks.

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