May 7, 2011

Durian Patillas!

My father went to Tagum City, Davao to participate in the 34th FEDBOP Bowling Championship. Sadly, he and his team TACIDBA (Tacloban City Duckpin Bowlers Association) are the last generation of bowlers in the Tacloban, because the bowling center was demolished and was renovated into a school. Most of the southern part of the Philippines, especially Davao and Zamboanga take pride on their export quality durian. He was gone for a week and when he arrived last night, he brought home t-shirts and durian candies. I don't like Durian personally, but other products like ice cream or candies made with it, achieves an exception on my dislike list on the food scene.

Durian is a native fruit in South East Asia, revered as the King of Fruits. It can grow to 6 inches wide and 12 inches long. Similar to a jack fruit, it has thorns on its husk. The thing that distinguishes durian from other fruits though is its strong odor. Some find it fragrant and some find it the most horrible smelling thing in the world. Sweets made with durian though is a great way to market this fruit to the world, and to those who doesn't like durian raw.

We'll make durian candies! Making these is very easy, just like making pastillas. 

Ingredients are,
1. Durian Pulp 
2. Sugar
3. Milk, powdered and condensed.
4. Butter

1. Cook all four ingredients over medium heat while stirring frequently until it has a thick consistency, make sure it doesn't get burned. You're cooking, not burning.
2. Get the mixture and set it aside for 30 minutes to cool.
3. Then take portions of it, then form into your desired size and shape.
4. Enjoy!

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