May 7, 2011

Tinapa! (Smoked Fish)

Just this morning, my breakfast was Tinapa partnered with a soy sauce and lime dip. I haven't had Tinapa for a long time now, and when I saw it on the table, I was like "Hmmm, I'm gonna have a great breakfast!" So I grabbed one, a cup of rice, prepared the dipping sauce and when straight to my room. As usual, I'll take pictures of the food before I eat it. One thing I hate about taking pictures though, is looking at the food and telling yourself not to eat it yet while you're so hungry. 

Tinapa is a Filipino term for smoked fish. Smoking fish is one way of extending shelf life. The usual fish used for tinapa is galunggong (shortfin scad) but it's not limited to that kind of fish only. From a wide array of fish species in the Philippines, we can use ANY kind of EDIBLE fish for tinapa. I personally like the smoked tuna belly, but when it comes to great flavor, milkfish is the best. The problem for milkfish is you have to painstakingly get the pin bones out. 

Tinapa is a family favorite, every time we're having tinapa, people in the house would just rush to the dining table and make sure they have at least one for themselves. I really wanted to make one myself, but I don't have the facility and knowledge to get this done. Here's a website though on how to make one, courtesy of

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thailandsilverjewelry said...

Looks delicious!
In thailand there is something like your tinapa also, but eat with very spicy sauce.

Mikko said...

Is that so? What's it called? Well Thailand is just a neighbour of the Philippines and our food relationships are very close. :)

Sailor said...


Mikko said...

@Sailor, thanks! :)

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