November 3, 2011

Abuhan's Pochero of Cebu!

When it comes to authentic Filipino food, Cebu can be sorted as one of the best. When I got the chance to go there with my parents, I immediately grabbed the opportunity and got myself ready for a food escapade like no other. Yes, like no other because most of my food trips are done only here in Tacloban and some neighboring towns. 
Day 3, after a spiritual journey to Simala and a quick walk around the mall at SM Cebu. My parents, their friends and I went to the casino at Waterfront Hotel in Cebu City. It was my first time there and I was awestruck of the exhilarating ambiance. The money they spent just to get chances of getting more was to me, very overwhelming. As my father told me, some chips were worth a hundred pesos and some were from a thousand, to ten thousand and a hundred grand. After there, my parents decided to have a snack first or would I say, early morning meal, before heading to the hotel. But at 2:30 in the morning, we didn't know if there were restaurants that are still open this late. Told by the taxi driver, he took us to Abuhan.
I had no idea what Abuhan was serving, then as we enter I saw a lot of stickers on their glass walls with I  Pochero, so definitely Pochero had to be their specialty. Pochero is basically the Cebuano translation of Bulalo from Tagalog which is beef shank stew with bone marrow. Since it was already 2:30 AM I was sleepy already and when they asked what to order I just nodded as the waiter suggested Pochero. I didn't know that Abuhan was said to be the best restaurant in Cebu that serves Pochero as described in other blogs I read lately.
Now as we took our bowls and had our share of Pochero, I noticed that the meat was so tender that it almost fell off as I pulled out the bones. Now that buffed up my appetite. Yum! Yum! I said to myself as I dig in on my first sip at the soup and first bite on the meat and it was so tender, mouth watering, scrumptious, delectable, lush, savory and tasteful - enough with the adjectives eh?  Over all, it was a great meal, at almost 3:00 in the morning - yes you never get to have that kind of meal too mundanely right? We headed back to the hotel after it and slept as we prepare to go home in the afternoon. I'm craving for more of Cebu because I never got the chance to explore it the way it should be. You can check Abuhan Restaurant's website at

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jessa aquino said...

how much thier serving of pochero?

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