November 2, 2011

Max's Fried Chicken!

If there was an authentic Filipino restaurant chain that I could be proud of all through out the world, it should be Max's. Max's Restuarant is a Filipino  fine dining restaurant serving up authentic local dishes especially their fried chicken. Since it started franchising in 1998, the mainstream Filipino market and some other countries had enjoyed their quintessential Filipino cooking. From a wide array of soups, vegetables, pastries, salads, desserts, seafood, pork, beef, and chicken, you wouldn't have to go anywhere else if you want to experience real Filipino cuisine. 
As meat lovers ourselves, me and my father ordered a whole fried spring chicken with fried sweet potatoes and lechon kawali (deep fried pork). Although we both looked like we can eat a lot, we never finished the whole meal so we asked the waitress to wrap it up instead.
One slogan of Max's is "The house that fried chicken built." This one really speaks for itself because fried chicken is the heart of this business. Their fried chicken is so tender that one touch could make the meat fall off the bones. And as you sink your teeth into it, a medley of flavors will play inside your mouth until it makes its way to your stomach.
Late after the Second World War, 1945 to be exact, American soldiers who were assigned in Quezon City made friends with Maximo Gimenez, the genius behind this thriving restaurant. These soldiers came by to his house to have some drinks and later insisted to pay for those drinks. This gave him the idea to open up a cafĂ© that first served chicken, steak and drinks. On his support was his wife Mercedes, sister-in-law Felipa, and their niece Ruby with his husband Claro. Ruby's the one who took care of the kitchen, and the original cook who concocted the fried chicken that we thankfully enjoy up to this day. Ruby would later open a branch in Baclaran and would name it Max's after his uncle's nickname. Today, Max's has over 120 branches just in the Philippines and some dozen in other countries. This success had helped in the contribution of the enrichment of the Filipino cuisine throughout the world. More of Max's Restaurant information at their site,

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