November 1, 2011

Carcar City, Cebu's Chicharron!

On our way to a monastery in Simala, Cebu we stopped by in Carcar City, which is one of the cities making up Metropolitan Cebu. We took out lunch at Jollibee. In front of Jollibee is a store that sells Chicharron, which is deep fried pork rinds. They sell it by the Kilo for Php 500.00 or you can also buy them half the kilo or even a quarter. I never had the chance to go to the store personally, but father did. He bought half a kilo so we can bring it home after our vacation in Cebu. 
What makes Carcar City's chicharon different from the others is its distinct salty flavor that combines with the dried fat from the pork rinds. Their chicharon also has small portions of meat attached that adds up to a medley of crispy texture. If given the chance to go there again, I will not hesitate to but at least 2 Kilos of their famous chicharron. This is again, one definitely pinoy experience by yours truly. 

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