October 29, 2011

Buko con Hielo!

It was one literally hot afternoon about a month ago, June 16 to be exact. Since I had to refrain from exposing myself from radiation when using the computer, I had no choice but to bore myself outside of the house - sitting and laze the day away. As the temperature kept rising and the wind blows only by little, I had to treat myself with something cold to cool my sweating head and body. Then I remembered about preparing buko juice with milk. We usually enjoy this treat during summer with family and friends, and obviously it was just at the tip of Summer. 

The recipe for this Icy treat is as easy as one two three.
1. Mix evaporated milk (about one 200ml can) with 1/4Kg of brown sugar.
2. Mix in about 2 liters of the coconut water you got from opening the fresh coconut. (Add crushed ice for more texture, or ice cubes just to cool it)
3. Pitch in the grated coconut flesh and for extenders add crushed cracker biscuits. 

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