July 25, 2011

Maiz con Hielo!

Since it's my ONLY post for July, I just wanna say, I'm very very very sorry for being inattentive with the blog. I admit that I had virtually no time for it - I was busy at school, and if not I enjoyed watching movies. Missing out on the food action around the locality, I confined myself with leaving my lunch money at home and starved myself during lunch time hoping I'd lose weight - which I didn't FYI. 

Only this Saturday, my mother gave me an extra Php 100.00 as my lunch money. I told her that I had money (but I actually didn't, because I don't wanna have lunch), but because she insisted I accepted it. When classes was over, my and my friend Hero decided to have a 3PM lunch at Andok's. We ordered fried chicken and three servings of rice, and for dessert we had Maiz con Hielo. Maíz con hielo (literally corn with ice in Spanish language, translated as mais con yelo in Filipino) is a kind of snack in the Philippines. It is a mix of shaved ice, corn kernels, sugar and milk.

Since its recipe is just a mix and go, here's a 3-step recipe to enjoy one.

1. Mix shaved ice, milk (any milk will do), and sugar.
2. Then add in the corn kernels (I used canned corn).
3. Place them on a glass, then mix and enjoy!

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Hilda said...

Holy cow, I thought that was coffee by the looks of the image. If the only ingredients your adding is milk, sugar, and corn, how do you get that brown coffee colored look to it?

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