June 20, 2011

Mami and Lugaw at Downtown Tacloban!

Three days ago even when I still had headaches, I went to Downtown Tacloban. One of my first banks, Banco Filipino went for bankcruptcy and refunded our deposits. It was a great time for that because I was in need of money, well I just wanna buy new jeans, that's all. I got the refund from the post office and after that I went straight to buy the jeans on the store. After that, had a bite of Kwek-kwek at a kiosk fronting Dynasty Square. Then I noticed my hair was already long and just had to cut it. I, then had a hair cut and after that I saw this food cart selling Mami and Arroz Caldo. Mami is the traditional noodle soup while Lugaw is the Filipino version of congee.

They serve their food hot on a small bowl which you can handle with a cloth on the bottom, to insulate the heat. The thing that I love about their food cart is, they assemble their food by putting on the noodles, topping it with beef tripe, the broth, then the condiments which is very convenient to look at. At Php 13.00 each, you can add Php 7.00 for the boiled egg.
Because their servings are already Meal Sized, I didn't order Lugaw because I was already full. Next time I go there, I'll try their Lugaw which may be as good as their Mami. The food cart is mobilized by a bicycle on its side but it is usually located in P. Gomez Street just a few steps outside Highway Supermart.
The food spot is on the star. Try the place out for a Tacloban Street food experience. 

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