June 9, 2012

Porbida Burger House!

A hamburger is a sandwich consisting of a cooked meat patty placed between a sliced bread roll or bun. It is said to have originated from Hamburg, Germany and then adopted and popularized by Americans. And when it got its way to the Philippines, bliss happened. 
Located right in the heart of downtown Tacloban City stands a local hamburger shop that adopts an American-style recipe with a Filipino twist. In a world or would I say a crowded market selling different kinds of hamburgers, Porbida Burger can comfortably sit on the Top 3 list of the best hamburgers locally. 
Operating for over four years now, Porbida Burger House originally resided a twenty-minute drive away from downtown Tacloban, in the Talipapa (Small Market) of V & G Subdivision. They first served Cheese burgers which eventually led into the boom of a business they are today, with a branch in Tacloban City Convention Center (Astrodome). 
They now serve various burgers from the regular (pork) menu, the tangy (with coleslaw), and the meaty which weighs almost ONE-HALF POUND. Also on their menu are combo meals that are served with UNLIMITED RICE and UNLIMITED ICED TEA, and the rest of the menu are some sides like French Fries and other beverages.
Every restaurant got to have a specialty. Now with sheer luck, I did not know that I ordered their house specialty which is the Porbida Supreme. Sandwiched on the buns is the 200-gram (0.44 lb) pure-beef patty seasoned with their secret blend of spices. Also on the sandwich are tomatoes, coleslaw, mayonnaise, ketchup, and three, yes THREE kinds of cheese. On the side are corn chips.
Living up to its name, Porbida Supreme is definitely supreme in taste and texture. The burger is a whole meal in itself as it is also supreme in size. And the patty, totally flame-grilled in flavor. It is very smoky and peppery exactly the right trait to be called a barbecued burger. And although it is made locally, the taste is ultimately international class. This proves another reason why It's More Fun In The Philippines! 

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