October 27, 2012


To Filipinos, rice is not a side dish it is the star. Without rice, a meal is not complete. Some would rather have rice alone than the main dish that is meat or vegetables. A true Pinoy meal is consisted of rice then meat and/or vegetable follows. A slightly different way of eating is being introduced by a local restaurant in Tacloban City, PH. Rather than serving meals on plates, they're serving it on bowls. This style is similar to the Japanese Donburi, rice on the bottom of the bowl and the main dish on top.

Along Burgos St. and on the avenue of restaurants (Burgos St-Sto Niño Intersection) as I call it because on the place are many restaurants and bars side by side, stands a new fast food restaurant named SurpRice. Opened only in April of this year, Surprice have lured many customers already. Due to their signature 'Rice Bowl' style of serving food, it resulted into a unique dining experience. With a somewhat vintage ambiance and pop music accompaniment, it is quite certain to have a hearty meal at the place. And even with the great environment already, the food is still the star of the show. 

Having been to the place for just three times, I have only tried their Breaded Chicken (Php 59.00), Fish Nuggets (Php 59.00), Mongolian Rice (Php 74.00), Arroz ala Cubana (Php 49.00) and Jambalaya (Php 74.00). Their food is definitely worth trying. I for one, became their fan already because their food are delicious. My personal favorite has to be their Arroz ala Cubana, its ground pork or beef I think is full of flavor, and with vegetables it adds a playfully crispy texture to the dish. Their fish nuggets with sweet and sour sauce is also great. For a new dining experience and an authentic Tacloban City food adventure, you got to try Surprice and well, be surprised!

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