November 12, 2012

Tadyaw Beach Resort and Grille!

Bored and tired of staying home for three weeks, two friends and I turned into a consensus to go get some air and embark on a one-day vacation on a resort or simply a park before classes resume. With only a few hundred pesos on our wallets and with the power of the mighty internet, we stumbled on a locally famous (yet foreigners flock in, too) beach resort that is a 30-minute drive away from Tacloban City, PH. Personally, I have not yet gone to the place but I have heard from my friends that got there that the place is quite an experience. Now, I wanted to get in touch with that experience that they were talking about. We rode a Jeepney (Route: Tacloban-Dulag) to get there, the fare is about twenty five pesos (Php 25.00). 

We arrived at around 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon. Entrance fee is fifty pesos per person but if you will eat at the restaurant or rent a cottage, you don't have to pay for the entrance fee. Just a few feet into the resort, and I immediately felt nature grasping me into her sweet arms. At the heart of the resort is the big Tadyaw which means earthen jar in English. With a beautiful garden landscape, coconut trees only feet away from each other, and the scenic view of the Pacific beach, the resort blends modern and rustic styles perfectly. Because we did not have lunch yet we decided to eat at the resort's restaurant, Tadyaw Grille

A semi-fine dining restaurant, Tadyaw Grille boasts its oriental-style cuisine and an array of fresh seafood dishes. What greeted us was a very friendly attendant and an ambiance resembling a restaurant in a cruise ship. Told by the attendant herself, the house specialty is Nilasing na Hipon (Drunken Shrimp) and Liempo (Grilled Pork Belly) so that's exactly what we ordered. The 20-minute wait wasn't noticed because my friends and I chatted along. Compliments to the chef, the food was great. Not really a fan of shrimp, but the sauce it was cooked on tasted good. The grilled pork was cooked the way I wanted it to be, medium-well done. And with a dipping sauce of soy sauce, vinegar, lime juice, and chopped onions, the pair with Liempo was hands down flavorful. After the meal, we waited a little at the sofa at the restaurant's porch because the rain began to pour. When the rain subsided we immediately began to go around and explore the five-hectare resort. Walking around the place wouldn't be as tiring because of the relaxing environment and the soft grass as the pavement. Your stay at Tadyaw wouldn't be boring either, with many amenities to keep you in pace. They have fully-furnished modern cottages for overnight stays that fronts the Pacific, kiosks, and a pavilion for big gatherings. To my surprise, they also have a mini Zoo comprised of Philippine birds, monkeys, and a horse. Roaming around the place can also be done by riding the caddie cart. 

They also have sports amenities like  badminton, volleyball, golf, and for water sports are skim boards, kayak, airhead tube n' go, pedal boat and to mention a few. When we finished roaming around, we headed to the beach to get our fix of sea soaking. Unlike most beach resorts here in the Philippines, this one, although not white sand, was outstanding. The beach is clean, free from garbage and other impurities that spoil your beach experience. Whenever a guest goes to swim at the beach, a lifeguard will be on his post to ensure the safety of the swimmer in case something bad happens. After bathing at the beach we headed to the showers to rinse off the salty sea water off our bodies and when we finished changing our clothes too, we headed back to the restaurant to get some a snack. We ordered Halo-halo (tropical fruit melange). At ninety pesos each and served in tall wine glasses, this cool fruity dessert hit the soft spot on my taste buds because the ingredients were fresh and doesn't taste like the ingredients were just left hanging in the fridge. When we were done with the snack, we headed back to Tacloban City and went home.

If you want to visit a wonderful  destination here in Leyte, why not try Tadyaw Beach Resort and Grille because it is Definitely Pinoy! Facebook page: HERE.

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