September 26, 2013

Bibingka at Hanginan, Maasin City!

The pilgrimage for St. Francis Xavier's image was indeed Holy and fulfilling. After that came the food trip, my most awaited part. Because we saw a lot of stores that sell this delicacy we just had to take a bite and witness its taste on our own. 

Bibingka by the way is a rice cake composed of rice flour, sugar, and coconut milk. Some other recipes include topping it with shredded cheese and a slice of salted egg. It is baked over banana leaf (instead of parchment paper for cupcakes) which give it its distinct flavor when fully cooked. Unlike most modern bakers, the Hanginan's version of bibingka is still baked on a 'Pugon' which is a small clay oven or kiln. This way of cooking maybe old and traditional, but I think it is still the best way to cook it. 

Freshly baked batch of Bibingka on the Cafe that we visited
The small Cafe we visited had a great view of Maasin and other towns below. The star of the show though, was their Bibingka. It was really good, it was buttery and sweet. Unfortunately, we had to stick with just one for ourselves because we didn't have enough money anymore. But overall, the trip was great and so was the Bibingka. So if you're gonna trek your way to Hanginan, try their bibingka too!

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