September 27, 2013

Pastillas de Leche of Carigara, Leyte!

Pastillas de Leche is a sweet savory candy made from milk and sugar. Some provinces famous for their versions of this are Bulacan and Nueva Ecija. It is a Spanish term that if translated to English means "milk pads" or more commonly, milk candies. It is by far one of the most revered of the Philippine desserts because it is sweet, milky, and velvety in texture. 

A town here in Leyte also have their version of this sweet concoction. Their pastillas has been a trademark of their town for many years now because it's really good. Made from fresh Carabao's (a type of water buffalo) milk, this type of milk has more distinction and flavor than of cows', goats', and others. 
Pastillas de Leche bought from Charito's Delights, Robinsons Tacloban at P140.00
Making Pastillas de Leche is actually quite easy. You can make this in even under an hour and at minimal cost. To make authentic and original Pastillas de Leche from Carigara, Leyte, the ingredients are fresh Carabao milk and sugar, oh wait, you also need cornstarch for that velvety texture.

1. Pour Carabao's milk and sugar into pan (Ratio, 1 Liter Milk=3/4 Cup Sugar).     Turn the flame into Medium Heat.
2. For the velvety yet gritty texture, add cornstarch. Let everything set, making sure no lumps remain.
3. Stir slowly until it thickens. Then lower the heat.
4. Continue stirring until it solidifies and can be lifted from the pan.
5. Retrieve from pan and let cool for 15-20 minutes.
6. Take portions, and form into your desired shapes and sizes.
7. For the authentic Carigara, Leyte Pastillas de Leche look, cut into small logs and wrap it in Japanese paper (papel de hapon).
9. That's how you make original Carigara, Leyte's Pastillas de Leche!

Pastillas de Leche opened from the packaging

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