August 2, 2015

Warrior Spring Resort: Soldiers' Backyard Jacuzzi!

Burauen, Leyte Catholic Parish and Plaza (Photo Credits to I love Burauen Facebook page). The town is just 45 minutes away from Tacloban City through Tanauan - Dagami - Burauen Road. 
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The land of springs.

Burauen, a town landlocked at the heart of Leyte island, derived its name from the word burabod which means spring in the Waray-waray dialect, where water flows freely from the mountains. Abundant with bodies of fresh water, it was called Buraburon meaning "with many springs" which later evolved into Burawon and then into Burawen

Warrior Spring Resort at Barangay Abuyogon, Burauen, Leyte. The place can be reached through Burauen - Albuera Road from the town center of Burauen.

Behind an army camp.

Barely ten minutes from the center of the Municipality of Burauen, on the way to the town of Albuera, in Barangay Abuyogon, the 802nd Infantry Battalion camp of the Armed Forces of the Philippines is located. Behind it is where a spring with clear and cool waters perpetually flow. Warrior Spring Resort isn't actually a resort that you'd usually go to. It is just a rocky river with some make-shift huts on the banks where you can camp along with your buddies, you will also have to bring your own food and other needs. Because of the boulders and rocks, it can also be quite hazardous to bring kids along. The current though is not that strong, just enough for you to sit on the rocks and let the water rush on your back and give you somewhat a massage and/or Jacuzzi. Something our soldiers need after some action with insurgencies etc.

Went with High School friends on April 9, 2015, National Day of Valor Holiday.

Cool and relaxing.

Aside from the dangers of having to jump along the rocks to go further, the place is all calm and peaceful. What you can only hear are the birds chirping and the river flowing. Small natural pools just about chest-deep are also there, you can go for a cool dip and just relax. The water is cold enough to make your bottle of soda icy cold. Some tourists, would bring cases of bottled soda and would submerge them for thirty minutes or so, that's a natural refrigerator if you ask me.

A friend having a great time with the natural Jacuzzi.
Many people were already there when we arrived, so we went further upstream to get own secluded chill-spot.
Warrior Spring Resort is also called the summer capital of the town as mentioned by I love Burauen Facebook page, a natural Jacuzzi where you can relax with nature. If you want to beat the summer heat, God Almighty has given you this great option to loosen up your grip on life and just have fun!

From left, Jeffrey, Dennis, Joejen, and Me. Aled took the photo. Warriors Spring Resort, Burauen, Leyte, April 9, 2015.

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