February 7, 2016

Kuting Reef: A Quiet Escape!

Dusk at Kuting Reef, November 15, 2014. Tucked in a quiet 3-hectare cove property in Macrohon, Southern Leyte, is Kuting Reef Resort and Spa, a 20-minute drive from Maasin City, the capital of Southern Leyte. 
Quite the Quiet Escape.

We went to Maasin City to climb Mt. Hanginan, where St. Francis Xavier's Chapel is located. After saying our prayers and thanking the Lord for all blessings, we hiked down the 400-meter tall mountain back to Maasin City. There we rode a PUV to Macrohon, the next town south of Maasin. As we entered the resort, what greeted us were the friendly staff and the rustic ambiance that immediately took away our exhaustion from the long hike at Hanginan. Kuting Reef is a privately-owned resort and spa, that offers water activities like kayaking, scuba diving, etc. It is a 3-hectare property full of coconut trees and a posh landscaping that'll surely get you down to relax. Aside from the very native look and feel of the resort, the place is pretty modern. Their cabanas, are large, and air conditioned. They have a resident masseuse that cater to room service massage or anywhere in the resort. They also have a complete toilet and bath with hot shower. Since we came on mid-November, there weren't many guests, so it felt like we had the whole resort to ourselves. So I'll recommend you visit on non-peak months for that feel of exclusivity and quietness. 

View of the pebble beach facing west of Southern Leyte, fronting the island of Bohol.
Paved walkways leading to single cabanas.
 Fresh and Flavorful.

They also have a restaurant named Baybayon Seafoods. They offer a variety of dishes from the freshest catch of the day. Their dishes are also affordable that dinner for two will only range from Php300.00 to Php700.00. What surprised me was the Chef was actually a neighbor of my partner in the town of Hinundayan, also in Southern Leyte. For dinner, we ordered their best-sellers which were grilled mackerel (Tangigue in Filipino), grilled pork belly, sisig (finely chopped pork face sauteed in garlic, ginger etc.), and for dessert, turon with vanilla ice cream (banana and jack-fruit spring roll). More of a pork-lover, what I munched down first was the grilled pork belly or in Filipino we call it Liempo. But as I tasted the grilled mackerel, it was so fresh and seasoned well that it became my favorite from the whole meal. They also have complimentary breakfast serving continental and Filipino breakfast dishes. I ordered cheese and tomato omelette, while my  gal ordered Daing na Bangus, fried milkfish marinated in vinegar and other spices.

Grilled Mackerel (Tangigue).
Sizzling Pork Sisig. Finely-chopped pork face sauteed in garlic, ginger, and other spices, served on a sizzling plate topped with raw egg and chili peppers for that extra kick.
Turon with Vanilla Ice Cream.

Infinity Pool for Infinitely Relaxing Fun.

What couldn't be more relaxing than an infinity pool? Although relatively small and having a depth of only five feet on the deepest part, the pool still provides an extra unwinding because of the scenic view of the sea and the tropical ambiance. The pool also has water jets to calm you from all the bustle in life. What's also great about their infinity pool is they regulate the temperature of the water. They cool it by the day and make it warmer at night. Now if you'd like to get your fair share of seawater, you can just simply go to the beach that's only a few meters away. But I must warn you that their beach is quite steep. Just a few steps from the shore and it'll already be chest deep. There are also sea urchins that you must be weary of.

Water Activities.

They offer a lot of water sports activities like scuba diving, kayaking, jet skiing, banana boat, and snorkeling. But at the time we went there, barely a year after Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) ravaged through the Philippines, most of their water sports equipment were damaged and only the kayaks were deemed usable. The unavailability of the other equipment though, didn't stop us from having fun. We paddled our way farther from the shore, the water was very clear that we saw fishes and corals below us. This made me wanted to try out scuba diving, but hey, first I have to learn how to swim. 

My partner and I tried their kayaks. 
This was the first time I tried kayaking.
They also have function rooms, scuba gear rentals, and did I forget to tell you that they have Wi-Fi in public areas? You can also rent the whole resort for virtually any event or gathering you can think of. Most people use the resort as their venue for weddings, training, and seminars.

Kuting Reef Resort and Spa is your ticket to a refreshing weekend. It is a three and a half hour drive from Tacloban City. An escape that doesn't punch a big hole in your pocket, and would certainly satisfy your cravings for Filipino cuisine.

Other Photos below

Receiving Area and Lobby.
Receiving Area and Lobby.
They have a small honesty store where you get what you wanna buy and then leave your payment on the drawer, all by yourself.
Dusk at Kuting Reef Resort and Spa.
Cabanas where we stayed for the night.
Paved walkways leading to single cabanas.
Cabanas where we stayed for the night.
Right end of the cove resort.
Closer look at the right end of the cove resort.
Left end of the cove resort.
Baybayon Seafoods.
Baybayon Seafoods.

Grilled Pork Belly.
Cheese and Tomatoes Omelette.
Fish and Chips for lunch.
View from the pool.
Still water that mirrors the tall coconut trees.
Kayaking fun!
Kuting Reef Resort and Spa. November 16, 2014.

Source: kutingreef.ph

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